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Old Averest Yen-Fly Jason



Date of birth; 30-01-2006
NHSB; 2594018
Full dentition
Eyes clear,
HD A & ED free

14-05-2006  Kringdag Utrecht Babyclass 1e 
25-06-2006  Championship NLV te Bennekom 3e 
01-07-2006  Clubmatch Hoogeveen, Very promising, 1e and 2e in de final!!! 
16-07-2006  Retriever Clubshow Luxemburg, Babyclass 1e and best babyboy
26-11-2006  Int.Kamp. The Winner in Amsterdam, 3e place Excellent
27-03-2007  Pinkstershow Arnhem, 4e place Excellent
17-06-2007  Int.Kamp. Flevodogshow Almere, Excellent
24-06-2007  Championship NLV Bennekom, 6th Excellent
23-09-2007  Clubmatch NLV Almere, 2th Excellent
28-10-2007  Clubmatch KCWF 1st and BOB
23-09-2007  Clubmatch Dutch Labrador Club 2st Excellent
25-11-2007  The Winner Amsterdam ZG

Pedigree of Jason

Mrs Fiona Braddon van Trendlewood about Jason:
Very nice type. Moves well once settled. Good front angulation. Strong rear quarters. Little short of coat. Lovely head! EXCELLENT 4th

Mrs. Gerda Groeneweg - the Klerk says concerning Jason:
16 months old reu of a beautiful type and format, beautiful head, very
well expression, splendid pigment, very well neck length, very well
forebreast , good ribs, beautiful straight back, short couples, very
well angulation. Vvery well bone, tail and feet. Goes smoothly and
with much thrust by the ring. Attractive boy! EXCELLENT

Mr. Jim Nolan Veyaties, about Jason:
Powerfully build yellow with plenty of bone and substance. Head rather strong. Good pigment. Nicely placed ears. Good reacht of neck and a very good mover. EXCELLENT 6th

Mr. Martin O'Donnoghue:
20 month old, strong yellow. good strong head, strong neck, good topline, 
good ottertail. Stifle is good, deep chested dog, good in heigth. He is a good mover.

Given above favourable words concerning him, his superbe character and
exterieur,  my enthusiasm concerning him and the perfect health
results I have decided that Jason will pass his genes on to suitable

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